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  • Joseph Arthur has released a free double-album 'Redemption City'

    Joseph Arthur has released a free double-album 'Redemption City'

    January 20th 2012

    Performance on The Late Show with David Letterman online now
    The Creation of this album was a very tedious process that was long in the making. Joseph Arthur had the name 'Redemption City' in mind for many years but never had a chance to use it, he had to wait for the right moment. Once he saw his chance he started to write and once finish he jumped right back into the studio to record this double feature. For the first time ever he decided that he was going to do everything on the album, so with the help of a friend Matt becker and a little bit of hard work he built his own studio in Brooklyn and decided to record the whole album by himself. Joseph played all the instruments (drums,bass, guitar,synth and whatever else he could come up with) and mixed it himself with a few final touches by Merrit Jacob. After all the final touches were made joseph decided to get it mastered by the great Fred Kevorkian to give it the sound that he wanted. After all this hard work and countless hours in studio this album proves that this long journey was definitely worth taking.

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  • Caracol Opens For Joseph Arthur

    Caracol Opens For Joseph Arthur

    November 15th 2011

    Montreal and Quebec Date
    Caracol will be opening for Joseph Arthur this coming December with dates in montreal and in quebec city, she will be promoting her new album 'Blanc Mercredi' which was released this august via Indica Records.

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  • Joseph Arthur tour dates announced

    Joseph Arthur tour dates announced

    May 24th 2011

    The Brooklyn-based artist touring in support of The Graduation Ceremony
    Fresh off a series of dates in Asia and currently wrapping up a tour in Europe, Joseph Arthur has just announced a series of summer dates in North America.  As previously announced, the multi-faceted artist will be playing at Osheaga in Montreal on Friday July 29th at Parc Jean-Drapeau.  In addition, it has just been announced that Joseph will also perform at the Festival d’Été de Québec on the Plaines D’abraham with Ben Harper on July 8th before heading over to Calgary later in the month for a performance at the Calgary Folk Festival on July 23rd. A Toronto date will also be announced shortly!

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  • Joseph Arthur's new video premiers on AUX TV

    Joseph Arthur's new video premiers on AUX TV

    May 11th 2011

    Joseph Arthur's new video for "This Is Still My World" premiers today on AUX TV.  Watch the brand new video here -

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